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18 Oct
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Welcome to Traylorscots

Follow us on twitter @traylorscots. Join us on Facebook Donna Barkley Traylor. Mike Traylor is the owner of

Wheaten puppies due mid March, 2013!
We are Mike and Donna Traylor owners of a small hobby Scottish Terrier kennel in North Alabama. Donna is the original Scottie lover of the Traylor group, although Mike came to love this breed too, after Donna introduced him to these wonderful terriers.
Big changes have taken place in the Traylor’s life in the last several years. It was always their dream to move to the country where their dogs would have more than a neighborhood back yard for play. Now, they have realized this dream, and their dogs have their own heated and air conditioned building, as well as a nice area to run under the big trees. When there is a new mom, she and the pups stay in the house with the family so they can get close attention. Of course, the others come in from time to time to lay around on the sofa and play with their four grandchildren. Some of the older dogs are now spayed and are full time couch potatoes. They even get along with Mckenzie, our cat. cat.
Traylorscots is a small kennel, devoted to selling AKC dogs who represent the standard in confirmation, good health and a good temperament is a must. Our dogs all have good temperament, and are family pets first, breeders second. We enjoy placing pups with families.Pups are placed with limited AKC registration. Only in rare cases do we sell a dog with breeding rights. The exception would be to a show home or someone we felt had the same philosophy as we do about working to better the breed, yet keeping the dog as a pet first. We are always eager to answer your questions, and expect the same from you, as we want to know the people our dogs will own. We also check references, and we ask for your vet’s name as well as two close contacts (one being a neighbor).
We have a groomer close by who does a beautiful job of grooming our Scotties. When you get a dog from us, it will come with a health guarantee, immunizations current, and well socialized and we will be available to you if you have questions.
We have black, brindle, and wheaten Scotties. We do not believe in breeding each time a dog is in season. We have pups from time to time–but not all the time. We do maintain a waiting list.
We have individual pages to tell you more about our Scotties and links on Scottie information. We hope you enjoy your visit on these pages.
Your questions and comments are welcome. We can be reached by phone at 256-778-7423 or 256-227-1970. If you don’t get an answer, leave us a message Or you can email donna at
AKC -Scottish Terrier Breeder in Alabama, with black,brindle,and red wheaten Scottish Terrier pups from time to time.

Scottish Terrier colors pictured below:

Wheaten Scottish Terrier Picture

Black Scottish Terrier